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In 2022, I was invited to curate the QVB Christmas tree in partnership with Chas Clarkson and the QVB. I was extremely honoured to work alongside my fellow Boomalli artists, Jeffrey Samuels and Jude Jarrett.

The artwork was situated on the ground floor of the QVB, and included an interactive art installation, depicting my vision of the Australian bush and rainforest and what would have been on the site prior to colonisation. The work was created using all sustainable materials.

The artwork includes a soundscape of endangered bird calls from the Bower Bird Collective album “Songs of Disappearance”, drawing attention to climate change and humanity’s devastating impact on our natural environment. Nardi Simpson’s composition “Of Stars and Birds” was incorporated into the tree’s daily light show displays.

The artscape beneath the tree includes hanging birds, my artistic depiction of the Royal Southern Albatross, which is currently under threat of extinction.

Through the use and the magnificence of colour, I have illustrated my deep respect and love for nature and how precious it is.

Jeffrey Samuels and Jude Jarrett have collectively hand painted 28 flannel flowers for the tree, which beautifully represent both of them and their work.

The tree and artscape will be on display during Christmas at the QVB until 2025.

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