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The Seed of Knowledge - New South Wales Teachers Federation

This image was created to celebrate the joy of teaching and continued learning. The central icon is the seed of knowledge.

Aboriginal people have been mentoring, teaching and continuously striving for high levels of knowledge. The pathways move across the work and are indicative of our DNA.

As the oldest knowledge keepers on the planet, the aspiration to be capable of surviving and understanding our Mother Earth, and is, the highest pursuit to attain.

The image contains small learning circles. These circles represent the mentoring by knowledge keepers. Knowing we have teachers who inspire us, and the reciprocity of learning and teaching, is an ancient system employed by our peoples for survival and existence.

We are here today because of the survival skills of our immediate families, the wider community and our mentors. We are all transitioning, constantly evolving, in the cyclical nature of our lives.

The artwork features ripple effects behind the seed of knowledge. This is a visual reminder of the power of teaching, and its importance in our society and the world.

Around the seed of knowledge, the elders are protecting the learning. They are holding their community with strength, pride and resistance. They are our teachers.

The central river image flows through the heart of the scene. The river is symbolic of our movement through life, constantly changing, and always challenging. 

Photography by Sharon Hickey.

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