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In 2012 Bronwyn was invited by the Health and Arts Research Centre (HARC) to submit a concept design for the atrium lift shaft of the new Royal North Shore Hospital in St Leonards, NSW. Working with the overarching themes of community and connection to country and place developed for the new hospital, Bronwyn developed the work Earth, Wind, Fire, Water.

 “The concept for this design was inspired by connection to all the elements of nature. Air has been visualised by the outburst of colour from the sun, which for Aboriginal people, is the giver of life. Fire is indicated by the ever engaging moment of burning off that Aboriginal people have completed in this country since time immemorial. This process creates new growth and accelerates renewal. For all people, Earth is our custodial responsibility to care for. For this project I have visualised it with patterning to accentuate the beauty of it. Water is portrayed as a moonlit pool with the ebb and flow of patterns. Water is essential to our lives as humans, and I wanted to create a reinforcement of our necessity to be aware of how we treat this vital resource”.

After completing a massive 4.7m x 2.2m acrylic work on paper, titled Earth Wind Fire Water, 2012 Bronwyn worked with architect Jeremy McGrane, Cie-Elle Imaging Sydney, Pixels Per Inch Melbourne, and Digi-glass Australasia to scan, format, and print the image onto glass three times the size of the original artwork. Theiss builders installed the 16 glass panels, allowing them to which were backlit by diffused LED lighting.

Bronwyn Bancroft_0C5A4309.jpg

Photography by Sharon Hickey.

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