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In 2020 I was commissioned by the Welfare Rights Centre in Sydney to create an artwork that would be reproduced as a feature wall for their office space. When I initially started thinking of concepts for Welfare Rights Centre a the beginning of 2020, COVID hit and isolation and social distancing became the new normal.

I utilised the colour palette provided and created both of these works in a state of empathy and love for all that has been lost (freedom) and wanting to highlight the strengths of humanity and the continued struggles that have not gone away.

The image "Worlds within Worlds" is my attempt to visualise connection to each other. Strength is gained from support, advocacy and protection of human rights. The second image "Shields" visualises self-protection of and for the individual. Protection from the inequality and create shields of cohesion to protect vulnerable members of our society.

Photography by Sharon Hickey.

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